Improving emotional connections


Bridging emotional communication across diverse communities


Experience emotions as a sixth sense

People express emotions as they speak through small changes in vocal tone, facial expressions, and body posturing.

Valence Vibrations analyzes vocal tone to classify each speaker’s emotions in real-time.

The speaker's emotions are expressed as unique vibrational patterns on your haptic wristband.

You can better connect with others with shared emotional understanding across cultures, neurotypes, and communication styles.

I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. How can I better support you in the future?

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The Valence sensory augmentation app will be available for the Apple Watch this Spring.



Valence recognizes the power of neurodiversity and seeks to empower people of all neurotypes to better interpret emotions without having to change their fundamental communication style.


Our product serves as a self-guided emotional translation toolkit, which allows users to fully customize their experience. Users can specify their desired vibrational intensity specific to their sensory preferences, set the specific voices they wish to analyze, and choose which virtual and physical environments they wish to classify emotions in.


We're recruiting users to test our products. If you or someone you know may be interested in trying Valence, you can sign up for our waitlist below to be the first to hear about upcoming product launches and testing opportunities.

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